Microgrooved stainless steel teeth drag away 100% of lice and nits!


The ULTIMATE tool to fight lice and nits. Can be used with any regular shampoo and/or conditioner. Great for families who find it difficult to pay for expensive lice treatments. Can be used by the whole family.

Don’t just remove nits – help destroy them!. Microscopic cutting edges distributed along the teeth in a tight spiral form grab onto and help cut through the hermetic shell that surrounds the nit, ensuring that they cannot survive.


Can be sterilized for repeat use. The special steel teeth can be sterilized with hot water for future use without risk of contagion.

Microscopically rounded ends:. NitPro Jr.™ teeth are manufactured usinga high-precision, computerized and automated process which allows perfect rounding of the tips, which prevents pricking, scratching or hurting the scalp.


Perfect separation between teeth: Nits are oval-shaped, 0.5mm long and 0.2mm wide and are firmly attached to the hair shaft with a strong glue, which renders their removal very difficult. The separation between teeth in the NitPro Jr.™ comb is smaller than the tiniest of nits, thus allowing it to pull and remove them completely from the hair.

Respects hair anatomy:The steel used in the manufacturing of the teeth has the necessary flexion resistance to pull and destroy even the tiniest nits, keeping the exact flexibility that respects the hair’s anatomy, i.e. comb the hair without tugging or cutting it.


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