P roduct development was centered on the use of homeopathy, incorporating it into a modern, scientifically formulated, tested and manufactured product. Our development team consisted of a group of experts with many years experience in the development and production of pharmaceutical products as well as one of the country’s foremost experts in homeopathic medicines.

Our focus was on the development of a product that would be effective in eliminating lice from the hair and easing the job of nit (egg) removal, while being safe for humans, animals and the environment. In addition the product had to stop itching caused by lice bites, have a pleasant fragrance and be safe for the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and

Once we had developed a formula that passed our rigorous in-house testing criteria for eliminating live lice and helping remove nits, we began a series of laboratory testing which eventually extended to the use of four independent testing clinics and two laboratories at major universities.

Our first series of testing, performed at a highly regarded laboratory in Maryland, was performed using the arena method: lice placed into petri dishes with both control and active test products. These tests were performed using human body lice, due to the ability of the lab to raise them off of a human host. The results were illuminating: “THE FORMULA SHOWED DISTINCT REPELLENCY TO THE ADULT HUMAN BODY LOUSE IN AN ARENA TEST” and “THE FORMULATION PROVED TO BE AN EFFECTIVE REPELLENT UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF THE ARENA TEST.”

Although we already knew from our in-house testing that our formula eliminated live lice from the hair, we were elated by the finding that it also exhibited an ability to REPEL live lice, particularly lice as large as human body lice! With these results in-hand we engaged the services of two laboratories in Florida where actual human head lice were taken directly from patients and used in the testing. The results showed “A BUILDUP OF REPELLENCY AS WELL AS LICE NOT PENETRATING OR BURROWING INTO THE HAIR” and “NOT HAVING THE CURIOSITY TO EXPLORE CAN ONLY SUGGEST THAT THE LICE WILL MOST LIKELY NOT SURVIVE ON THE HUMAN HOST OF HAIR”. This also means that any lice that hatch from eggs that have been missed during combing will leave the hair and die – they will not reproduce.

These tests for repellency were conducted in a manner which duplicated as closely as possible the daily washing of a child’s hair. The first treatment day 1, just washing and rinsing after 5 minutes, was repeated in intervals of 24 hours for 4 days (the product is safe for daily use). This closely duplicates washing of a child’s hair in the evening, allowing time for sleep, school and then washing the next evening. From the first treatment day 1 the majority of lice were repelled. The few that remained would not enter the hair. Repellency increased with daily treatment until, after day 4, 100% of lice were repelled, although NO LICE EVER ENTERED THE HAIR AT ALL DURING THE 4 DAYS OF TREATMENT. This is significant in that if during periods of head lice outbreak all children and family members who come in contact with infected children were to use our product they would be PROTECTED FROM INFESTATION!

At the same time as the repellency testing was being performed, clinical testing was begun at two major university laboratories to determine the effect of our shampoo on nit (egg) removal. The results of testing at the university laboratory in Massachusetts indicated a “wicking effect” which drew the shampoo into the shield of the nit and the results from the university laboratory in Utah, which utilized a tensile-strength method of testing, showed up to a 300% reduction of the force required to remove nits from the hair when tested against leading commercial products designed solely to loosen nits! This effect had also been very evident to the technicians in the Florida laboratories during human testing.

We also addressed the issue of product safety. The shampoo was sent to a product safety testing facility in New Jersey where a team consisting of a Scientific Director (Ph.D., D.A.B.T., B.C.F.E.), a Board-Certified Dermatologist and a Board-Certified Pediatrician concluded “X-PEL ANTI-LICE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER WAS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY DERMAL IRRITATION OR SENSORY SENSATIONS OF STINGING/BURNING AND IS CONSIDERED TO BE SAFE FOR ITS INTENDED USE”.

Safe, natural and effective homeopathic active ingredients. FDA registered formula.
Active Ingredients: Apis Mellifica, Carbolicum Acidum, Ledum Palustre
In a specially formulated shampoo and conditioning base.
Patent Pending.