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  • Krystal J. Virginia Mother

    Krystal J. Virginia Mother

    “We had tried everything. Our lice tragedy had gone on for 6 weeks and cost us over $500 prior to using your product. We used 4 different lice shampoos, gels and sprays. We ended up at the doctor and got a prescription combo. My daughter and I had our hair cut very short, and my husband and son ended up shaving their heads. I cleaned my house top to bottom over 8 times and washed over 75 loads of laundry during this period. We spent hours on end each day using the combs. I ended up missing over 3 weeks from work having to keep the kids out of daycare. In addition to our lice problem, it ended up spreading to over 20 members of our family and friends over the course of a 4 week period. I was ready to have a mental breakdown from the frustration and exhaustion. My kids were sad and my husband was annoyed! A nurse from one of the local schools ended up recommending X-PEL. It was so simple to use. I felt good about it being so safe for my kids and us after all of the toxic stuff we have put on us before this. Immediately we felt clean and no itching!! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I’d grab my kids as they walked by and  search them, but I found nothing, not even nits. This stuff really works, it’s amazing, safe and effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

  • School Nurse SC. School Nurse

    School Nurse SC. School Nurse

    I have actually used X-PEL a few times. It is very easy to use,
    and it definitely makes getting out the nits much easier!! I have recommended it to everyone who asks. I have gotten positive
    feedback from the parents I have given it to as well. It does
    really work well.

  • Mom Wisconsin Mother

    Mom Wisconsin Mother

    (she bought a full case, 6 bottles!)

    “Thank you! Your product is wonderful and sure gave us peace
    of mind!”

  • Kathy D. School Nurse

    Kathy D. School Nurse

    I did use the X-PEL for a family with recurrent problems with lice. It worked great!!! Thanks so much for introducing me to a new product that really works!!!

  • Mary Mom

    Mary Mom

    “This product is truly amazing. I began using it this past fall when I discovered that one of my 3 children had a mild case of lice. Lice was present in my children’s elementary school throughout the year so I would do an XPEL treatment 2 times a week on them for the remainder of the school year. I believe that I was able to quickly eradicate our initial brush with lice and prevent my other family members from getting infected, due to the use of X-PEL. I have continued to use this Summer when I feel my children may have been exposed to the pests. Thank you for your excellent customer service and for creating this product.”


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